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Flight to Europe


Britain more welcoming to migrants, says Brexit-supporting minister Gove

LONDON Britain has become more welcoming to migration since it voted to leave the European Union, environment minister and leading Brexit campaigner Michael Gove said on Monday.


Vienna spurns far-right politics to offer young migrants an education Mar 27 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Like most teenagers, Ranim has yet to decide on a career. But the 17-year-old is certain of one thing: She must keep studying to make up for the time she spent out of school, fleeing the war in Syria to reach Austria's capital.


Fear of migrants galvanizes PM Orban's supporters in rural Hungary Mar 21 2018

ERCSI, Hungary Supporters of Hungary's right-wing Fidesz party in Ercsi may not have met a refugee but there's one thing they know for sure: they don't want them in their town.

Freed from Libyan jails, frustrated migrants pose challenge to new Gambia Jan 29 2018

BANJUL (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Jobless, restless and frustrated, 24-year-old Saikou Jammeh persuaded his father to sell the family home and give up his life savings to pay for the journey from Gambia to Europe.


Hip hop and children's voices: In Paris, migrant artists craft new future Dec 29 2017

PARIS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In a bright white room in a building north of Paris, Syrian musician Karam al Zouhir impatiently clicks a mouse as he presses his headphones against his ears.

In northern France, 'invisible' women migrants risk all to reach Britain Oct 24 2017

CALAIS, France (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - With bags of clothing and a thick blanket, Eritrean migrant Salma carries her entire life in her hands as she stands by a small forest surrounded by warehouses and electrical towers in Calais in northern France.


As winter looms, migrant children sleep rough in northern France Oct 23 2017

CALAIS/GRANDE-SYNTHE, France (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Every morning before the sun rises, when the frosty air is still and quiet, Afghan migrant Nabi waits for the screeches of trucks bound for Britain in the northern French town of Calais, hoping to jump onboard undetected.


Rape cases fuel anti-migrant angst in Italy ahead of election Sep 13 2017

ROME Rape allegations leveled against foreigners are fuelling anti-immigrant sentiment in Italy ahead of elections due early next year, when migration is likely to top the political agenda.

Reggae helps heal mental wounds of torture for migrants in Italy Aug 21 2017

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In a tiny makeshift rehearsal studio in a residential neighborhood of Rome, Nigerian asylum seeker Sylvester Ezeala let slip a smile as he drummed a pair of claves to the mesmeric beat of African reggae.


Germany bets on second time lucky with migrant workers Aug 18 2017

GESCHER, Germany As Germany struggles to absorb more than a million migrants from the Middle East and Africa, the government is hoping to avoid the mistakes it made half a century ago when it brought in a generation of guest workers from Turkey.