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After fires, Southern California faces risk of mudslides


CARPINTERIA, Calif./LOS ANGELES Firefighters in Southern California are slowly gaining control of one of the largest wildfires in state history, but residents may not enjoy much relief as experts said the flames are laying the groundwork for the next disaster - mudslides.

Overconfidence, poor training sank El Faro: U.S. Safety Board

WASHINGTON The sinking of the U.S. freighter El Faro in 2015 with the loss of 33 lives came after an overconfident captain set the ship and its poorly trained crew on a collision course with a hurricane, the National Transportation Safety Board said in its final report on Tuesday.

U.S., El Faro, Dec 12 2017

Special Report: Unfettered construction raises U.S. hurricane costs

PATTON VILLAGE, Texas When Hurricane Harvey sent two feet of water rolling into this small community about 35 miles north of Houston, Alfredo Becerra had to flee his modest 1,500-square-foot house.

Special Reports, U.S., Dec 12 2017

Germany favors Eurofighter as it seeks to replace Tornado

BERLIN The German Defence Ministry said on Monday that the European fighter jet was the leading candidate to replace its Tornado jets, which it wants to start phasing out in 2025.

World, Dec 11 2017

Qatar goes ahead with $6.7 billion Typhoon combat jets deal with UK's BAE Systems

LONDON BAE Systems and Qatar have entered into a contract valued at around 5 billion pounds ($6.7 billion) for the country to buy 24 Typhoon combat aircraft, the British defense group said on Sunday. | Video

World, Dec 11 2017

Ash billows from Bali volcano in fresh volley of activity

KARANGASEM, Indonesia A rumbling volcano on Indonesia's tourist island of Bali ejected greyish-white plumes of ash on Friday, a timelapse sequence of Reuters images showed, a reminder, if it were needed, that its weeks-long period of activity has not ended.

Environment, Dec 11 2017

California firefighters make gains ahead of strong winds

VENTURA, Calif. Firefighters across Southern California made progress on Saturday battling a slew of scattered wildfires that have killed at least one person, destroyed hundreds of buildings and forced more than 200,000 people from their homes this week. | Video

U.S., Environment, Dec 09 2017

California wildfire responders lose their own homes: 'It's sobering'

VENTURA, Calif. California sheriff's Commander Dave Murray, usually the guy who helps others evacuate when wildfires rage through their communities, this week surveyed the charred ruins of his own home in a neighborhood north of Los Angeles.

Environment, U.S., Dec 09 2017

California's Getty museum survives wildfire, ready for quakes

Southern California's Getty Center, one of the world's wealthiest art institutions, said it had survived a wildfire tearing through Los Angeles thanks to a disaster plan that has it ready for earthquakes as well.

U.S., Environment, Dec 09 2017

Weather eases the battle as California wildfires grow

VENTURA, Calif. Growing wildfires chewing through parts of Southern California on Friday ravaged avocado farms, racehorse stables and a retirement community, even as milder weather aided firefighters in their efforts to slow the progress of six major blazes. | Video

U.S., Environment, Dec 09 2017

China economic reforms may result in $14.4 trillion GDP, growth at 6 percent – Asia Society report

Sweeping economic reform initiated by China President Xi Jinping in November 2013 marked a turning point for the world's second biggest economy. If implemented fully, China's potential GDP growth can be sustained at 6 percent through 2020. One risk: Falling short of that growth rate could result in growth at half that projection, or worse, leading to a new economic crisis, according to a new study.