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Compact Power sees battery prices tumbling

DETROIT The price of the special batteries at the heart of the new class of electric and hybrid vehicles will tumble over the next decade to levels that make the alternative powertrains as cheap as internal combustion engines, a top battery maker said on Wednesday.


UAW says no auto concessions in 2011: Bob King

DETROIT The United Auto Workers union expects to give no further concessions to U.S. automakers in contract talks next year and will seek to share in company profits in some way, President Bob King said on Wednesday.

U.S. auto sector in for slow recovery: executive

DETROIT The U.S. automotive sector's recovery will be a long and winding one, much like the slow turnaround seen in Japan's economy, a long-time industry executive said on Wednesday.


Saab seeking a few good partners

LOS ANGELES The future of Spyker's Saab rests on finding more manufacturing partners and bringing down the number of cars it must sell to break even, its executives said.

High GM price aids workers: Bob King

DETROIT A high stock price for General Motors Co is in the interest of its past and present workers as it will allow the automaker to invest in its future, the head of the United Auto Workers union said on Wednesday.

PSA sees 40 percent Q4 sales outside Europe

PARIS PSA Peugeot Citroen sees around 40 percent of its total sales coming from outside Europe in the fourth quarter, an executive told Reuters, as carmakers chase growth in new markets amid stagnating European demand.


Fisker to sell in China, open to partner

LOS ANGELES Start-up electric car designer Fisker Automotive is negotiating a deal to sell its luxury, plug-in Karma model in China and remains open to partnerships with larger rivals, Chief Executive Henrik Fisker said on Tuesday.


Honda sees slow US auto industry sales recovery

DETROIT U.S. auto industry sales will grow slowly next year with the still uncertain economy and perhaps hold a level well below former peaks for the next seven years, Honda's U.S. sales chief said on Tuesday.


Coda delays electric car production

LOS ANGELES California auto startup Coda Automotive is delaying the launch of its all-electric sedan until the third quarter of 2011, the company's interim chief executive said on Tuesday.


Auto sales surge tough for suppliers: Continental

DETROIT A sudden surge in U.S. auto sales in 2011 could leave auto parts suppliers scrambling to ramp up capacity to meet the needs of vehicle manufacturers, the North American president of Continental AG said.


GM and Ford on track for further savings-analyst

DETROIT Ford Motor Co and General Motors Co will catch their best-run rivals over the next five years on one key measure of potential profitability -- annual sales of their top global car platforms, A.T. Kearney consultant Daniel Cheng said.


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