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Biofuels protectionism trumps climate concerns

SAO PAULO Despite world concerns about global warming and the impact of biofuel production on food prices, policy makers have done little to boost international trade of cheaper and more environmentally friendly fuels for consumers, experts said.

Biggest challenge for U.S. ethanol is big supply

CHICAGO The biggest challenge facing the U.S. corn-ethanol industry in 2008 will be finding a home for all the new production that is coming on stream, a leading economist with Purdue University said on Tuesday.

More of U.S. grain crop to be consumed by family car

WASHINGTON Almost a third of the U.S. grain crop next year may be diverted from the family dinner table to the family car as fuel, putting upward pressure on food prices, a leading expert warned on Tuesday.

Lawmaker says cellulosic ethanol a decade away

WASHINGTON It will be at least a decade before technological breakthroughs allow ethanol fuel to be produced commercially from farm and forest waste like wood chips, switchgrass and corn stalks, the chairman of the House Agriculture Committee said on Tuesday.

Investor sees carbon law fueling greentech boom

MENLO PARK, California U.S. legislation to control greenhouse gas emissions would make renewable energy sources competitive with conventional fuels "overnight," a top Silicon Valley venture capital firm said on Tuesday.

Ethanol growth tied to efficient rail terminals

CHICAGO As U.S. ethanol production and demand steadily climb, construction of new rail terminals that can quickly and efficiently unload unit trains is critical to sustained growth in the biofuels sector, a transportation industry specialist said on Tuesday.

Petrobras H-Bio output on hold due to price

RIO DE JANEIRO Brazil's state energy company Petrobras has adapted four refineries to produce H-Bio diesel fuel using mineral and vegetable oil, but has not started mass production due to the high price of soy oil.

Marathon sees ethanol profits tough until 2010

NEW YORK Explosive growth in U.S. ethanol capacity should weigh on margins for distilling the renewable fuel until as far out as 2010, a Marathon Oil Corp official said on Tuesday.

ADM sees U.S. ethanol plant construction slowing

CHICAGO U.S. ethanol companies are taking a cautious approach to building new plants, even though profit margins have improved with oil near $100 a barrel and the government is mandating the use of more alternative fuels, an executive with Archer Daniels Midland Co said Tuesday.

Petrobras offers ethanol expertise at a price

RIO DE JANEIRO Brazil's state energy company Petrobras is willing to share its expertise in pipelines that pump both ethanol and oil products with various foreign companies that have approached it, including U.S. ConocoPhillips, but at a price.

Hedge funds jumping into physical ag mkts

WASHINGTON Strong prices are drawing giant hedge funds into agricultural markets like corn, wheat and soybeans as demand for biofuels continues to soar, an agricultural analyst said on Tuesday.


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