Global Climate and Alternative Energy

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Obama has world's confidence on climate

WASHINGTON Despite a host of other urgent problems to tackle, President Barack Obama still inspires confidence from environmental and corporate leaders that he is committed to the fight against climate change.

U.S. funding brightens outlook for green

SAN FRANCISCO U.S. infusion of federal funds into clean technology projects has prevented the collapse of many green firms, revived enthusiasm and is now generating optimism for the emerging sector in 2010.


Water investment outlook still murky

SAN FRANCISCO When it comes to water, it is pretty clear to investors that a growing global shortage will bring in new business opportunities.

Clean energy future has humble beginnings

LONDON/SAN FRANCISCO Humble, established technologies including natural gas and energy efficiency are top picks to lead a clean energy race through 2020, policymakers and senior executives told Reuters this week. | Video


Silicon Valley status threatened in green energy

SAN FRANCISCO Silicon Valley has big ideas and deep pockets, but the iconic cradle of semiconductors and the Internet fears it may be pushed aside in the clean energy future.


China, U.S. to dominate solar market

LOS ANGELES The United States and China are in a head-to-head race to become the world's top market for solar power, and panel makers are wasting no time making plans to cash in on the growth promise of both markets despite the global recession. | Video


September U.N. summit seen key to climate deal

OSLO A drive to agree a U.N. climate pact in Copenhagen in December risks failure unless world leaders revive bogged-down negotiations at a U.N. summit in New York on September 22, experts say.

Climate adaptation brings investment bets

SAN FRANCISCO While many companies and policy-makers search for ways to lessen the impact of global warming, some are looking at technologies for climate adaptation -- how to minimize the impact of climate change already set in motion.


Google plans new mirror for cheaper solar power

SAN FRANCISCO Google Inc is disappointed with the lack of breakthrough investment ideas in the green technology sector but the company is working to develop its own new mirror technology that could reduce the cost of building solar thermal plants by a quarter or more.

Tesla, BrightSource IPOs could be late 2010

SAN FRANCISCO Electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors and solar thermal energy firm BrightSource Energy would not launch their initial public offerings until 2010 if market conditions don't improve, a venture capital investor in both companies said on Thursday.

Essent sees 1 million Dutch electric cars by 2020

AMSTERDAM Dutch utility Essent expects to see one million electric vehicles on the roads in the Netherlands by 2020, its head of new energy said on Thursday.

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