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FX carry could survive in uncertain times

NEW YORK A strategy to invest in high-yielding assets from developed economies using low interest rate currencies in so-called "carry trades" could still work in 2010 despite worries about the euro-zone debt crisis.

New wave of gains seen for commodities

NEW YORK Copper and oil prices could leap on strong industrial demand in coming months and gold may rise further on inflation-linked buying, suggesting a new wave of gains for commodities.

Trade ideas: Strategists name buys, sells

Top Wall Street economists and investment strategists are putting U.S. stocks at the top of their shopping lists.


Despite fiscal woes, don't count the U.S. out

NEW YORK The turmoil in Europe over Greece's debt woes has sparked a few fears that market turbulence looms over the United States because of its growing federal deficit.


A U.S. double-dip recession seen as unlikely

NEW YORK It is unlikely the U.S. economy will take a turn for the worse and slip back into recession, top economists and investment strategists said this week.


Next bubble: Corporate bonds..or stocks

NEW YORK Tulip bulbs. Florida real estate. The Nifty Fifty. Gold. Japanese real estate. The Internet. Housing.


Barclays makes tactical bet on emerging Asia FX

NEW YORK Investors oversold emerging market currencies on "overdone" fears on Europe's debt crisis, and they now risk missing an upturn in fast-growth emerging Asian nations, a top emerging market strategist said on Wednesday.


S&P does not see Greek default inevitable

LONDON Ratings agency Standard and Poor's does not consider that a Greek debt default in the near term and a breakup of the euro zone are inevitable, a senior official said on Wednesday.


Goldman's Cohen sticks with stocks

NEW YORK The United States is not facing a double-dip recession, and with inflation low conditions are setting up for "equities in general" to do well, Goldman Sachs' senior U.S. investment strategist Abby Joseph Cohen said on Wednesday.


JPMorgan Chase's Lee: Stocks near bottom

NEW YORK U.S. stocks are now near a bottom and could rally before the end of July, the chief U.S. equity strategist for JPMorgan Chase said on Wednesday, adding that U.S. equities currently may be a better bet than European shares.

Commods may surprise to upside: Goldman's Cohen

NEW YORK The recent sell-off in industrial commodities may have been sharper than investors expected but they could stage an equally surprising rebound if emerging nations continue to rapidly build infrastructure, a strategist for top commodities trader Goldman Sachs said on Wednesday.


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