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Battle over IPO listings to heat up

NEW YORK The initial public offerings market might still be cool despite a few recent deals, but the main North American stock exchanges are already wooing companies so they can snag new listings and the revenues and branding that IPOs bring once the market recovers.

Private exchanges looking to turn back clock

NEW YORK A new era in stock exchanges may be on the horizon -- and it looks something like the past, when a small handful of owners ran important capital markets.


Investor says CBOE could fetch $3.5 billion

NEW YORK Prominent exchanges investor Thomas Caldwell said on Wednesday that the Chicago Board Options Exchange could fetch as much as $3.5 billion once it settles a long-standing legal dispute that has delayed its plans to become a shareholder-owned exchange.

Stock exchange execs see higher volumes

NEW YORK Stock trading volume is expected to blossom as fast electronic trading firms boost liquidity and signs suggest a global economic recovery may be on the way, the heads of North America's top exchanges say.


Brodsky: Treasury tax plan hurts market makers

CHICAGO The head of the Chicago Board Options Exchange said the Obama administration's proposal to end preferential tax treatment for derivative traders would raise the option market maker's cost of doing business, which could lead to wider bid/ask spreads and reduced liquidity.


Exchange buysider sees mergers among small venues

NEW YORK Consolidation in the trading world will first sweep the smaller alternative venues, followed possibly by more among larger exchanges, the founder of a major exchange investment firm said on Wednesday.


Exchanges in disarray over short sale curbs

NEW YORK Major exchanges disagreed on how and whether U.S. regulators should clamp down on short selling, which has been blamed for worsening the financial crisis by driving down stock prices.

Trading start-ups to merge as profits too low

LONDON A raft of start-up trading platforms in Europe are struggling to make money as they scramble for market share and consolidation looks increasingly likely, market participants said this week.


TMX CEO sees secondaries surge

NEW YORK TMX Group Chief Executive Thomas Kloet said on Wednesday that he sees secondary offerings by companies listed in Canada surging this year and early into 2010, particularly in the oil, gas and mining sectors as commodities prices begin to recover. | Video

Price war among clearing houses widens M&A door

LONDON European clearing houses, already attracting takeover attention, could see consolidation as a price war intensifies pressure to achieve economies of scale.


BM&F Bovespa sees trading record in 2009

SAO PAULO BM&F Bovespa , which operates Brazil's main securities exchanges, expects trading volumes to rise to a record in 2009 as overseas investors venture back into local stocks and derivatives, Chief Executive Edemir Pinto said in an interview on Wednesday.


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