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Financial woes seen limiting U.S. economic rebound

NEW YORK The U.S. banking industry may have pulled back from the brink, but finance executives say they still face hurdles that will tighten credit and delay an economic rebound.


Wall Street firms dip toe back in to talent pool

NEW YORK Wall Street firms have started to hire again and they can cherry-pick talent from their competitors -- who may be worried about their own security -- or from the legions of professionals who found themselves out of work after last year's financial crisis.


Wall St's image needs years to rebound

NEW YORK Wall Street's image, battered by the financial crisis, may take years to recover as its executives themselves are the first to acknowledge.


Derivatives proposals suit smaller players

NEW YORK The over-the-counter derivatives market is facing potential upheaval as lawmakers seek to increase regulation but while large banks are worried this could harm what has been a lucrative business for them, some niche players see new opportunities.


Finance gurus damn reform with faint praise

NEW YORK Bank executives are cautious about slamming the lawmakers trying to rein in Wall Street excess, leaving the impassioned arguments to their armies of lobbyists in Washington.

Rabobank sees FY result close to record 2008

LONDON Unlisted Dutch bank Rabobank expects its full-year results be to be "pretty close" to its record 2008, its finance chief told Reuters, with an improvement coming in the second half.

Rabobank sees 250 million euro hit from DSB demise

LONDON Unlisted Dutch bank Rabobank expects to take a 250 million euro ($371.9 million) gross hit from the DSB Bank bankruptcy, its finance chief told Reuters on Thursday, a loss it could easily absorb.


TD Ameritrade eyeing deal, even E*Trade

NEW YORK TD Ameritrade Holding Corp's CEO wants to put his cash to work and will even entertain a deal involving smaller rival E*Trade Financial Corp under the right circumstances.

Banks thirsty for more capital

NEW YORK Hundreds of U.S. banks are likely to raise capital in the coming months to deal with losses from bad consumer loans, commercial real estate and other assets, and to build war chests to buy failing rivals.

Wall Streeters defend bonuses as part of culture

NEW YORK Executives at the Reuters Global Finance Summit rallied to the defense of the industry's resurgent bonus practices, arguing that there was no clear link between generous compensation and last year's market meltdown.

Some ex-bank execs want into FDIC auctions

NEW YORK Unemployed U.S. bank executives, eager to get back into the business, are raising pools of private capital for a potential wave of bids for failed U.S. banks, FBR Capital Markets leading analyst said on Wednesday.


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