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Analysis: U.S. luxury brands may slow European growth

NEW YORK European expansion plans for top U.S. luxury brands may stall in the short term over fears of a simmering debt crisis on the continent.


Celebrity ad bandwagon a costly trend

PARIS Luxury groups are increasingly jumping on the celebrity advertising bandwagon to make their voice heard and boost sales, a trend that puts pressure on margins and which is here to stay, luxury executives believe.


Luxury brand diversification does have limits

PARIS There are limits to how far a luxury company can diversify its operations without diluting its brand or confusing consumers, luxury executives and experts said this week.

China's red tape baffles luxury houses

PARIS Luxury groups are rushing to set up shop in China but the prized market, set to be the world's biggest, is a tough one to conquer without good connections with local authorities and partners who can deal with changing rules.


Lowering luxury prices can be costly

PARIS Many European luxury groups have widened their entry-level offering to lure more shoppers but if the strategy brings short-term gains, it risks causing the brand long-term pain, luxury executives and experts said this week.

M&A deals in watches seen less likely

PARIS Mergers and acquisitions in the Swiss watch industry are likely to become rare events as rising demand for timepieces strengthens the resistance of potential takeover targets, luxury executives and experts said this week.


Full luxury recovery still fuzzy: execs

NEW YORK The world's wealthiest consumers kept their taste for expensive goods through a global downturn, but their more middle-class compatriots still striving for the good life may take years to return, if ever.

Euro luxe brands see room to grow in U.S.

NEW YORK/PARIS While ordinary retailers fight for growth in the U.S. market, European high-end designers and store chains still see plenty of room to expand by catering to the most affluent American shoppers.


Luxury brands warming to the Web

LONDON Luxury groups are finally warming to the Internet, lured by surging sales and a wider audience for their brands, though lingering suspicions could limit the level of online penetration compared with the wider retail sector.

Retailers still wary of General Growth outcome

NEW YORK U.S. mall owner General Growth Properties may soon emerge from bankruptcy protection as an independent company, but tenants remain wary of how it may ultimately affect their rent, luxury retail experts said this week.

Dubai keeps Mideast luxury crown despite crisis

DUBAI Dubai is still seen as the luxury capital of the Middle East, despite its financial troubles, as retail sales in the emirate start to recover after steep declines during a turbulent 2009, retailers said.


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