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Sovereign debt seen as biggest threat

NEW YORK The specter of sovereign default looms large for world economies in coming years, and the debt tsunami that has engulfed countries from the United States to Dubai poses a threat to recovery, top money managers at the Reuters Investment Summit said this week.

Short-debt funds alternative to money market

NEW YORK Investors who have parked cash in money-market accounts have been paying for their search for safety with pitiful returns.

Cyclicals still equity favorite going into 2010

NEW YORK There are more gains to squeeze out of U.S. equity markets in 2010, and, particularly, out of the cyclical stocks that have already done very well, money managers said at the Reuters Investment Outlook Summit this week.


Dollar, sterling seen as carry currencies in 2010

NEW YORK A strategy to invest in higher-yielding assets using low-interest-rate currencies will remain in favor in 2010, with sterling stepping in alongside the U.S. dollar as the prime currencies financing these trades.


Even after gains, emerging markets are top picks

NEW YORK A growing middle class unburdened by the excessive debt plaguing Western consumers means emerging markets still offer plenty of opportunities to make money next year even after a meteoric rise in 2009.


Fed seen best bank regulator despite blunders

NEW YORK Federal Reserve blunders before the financial crisis have damaged its image, but the central bank remains the logical regulator of banks, market experts said at the Reuters Investment 2010 Outlook Summit.

Barclays Wealth gives recipes for Asia exposure

NEW YORK A "fusion portfolio" with Western ingredients and Asian techniques is among Barclays Wealth's favorite recipes for investing in fast-growing Asian economies.

Money managers see equity-like "junk" returns

NEW YORK U.S. junk bonds, the hottest fixed-income market in 2009, are still a good investment option in 2010 in a low interest rate world, money managers said at the Reuters Investment Outlook Summit this week.

Deflation a lurking fear: investors

NEW YORK Talk of deflation isn't thick among investors but deflationary pressures pose a big worry and major hurdle for the Federal Reserve and other central bankers, guests at the Reuters Investment Outlook 2010 Summit said this week.


Correction in commodities seen as "just a phase"

NEW YORK Commodities may be falling now after rising too far, too fast in a recession year, but the cyclical nature of these markets means another price explosion may be coming, investors and strategists at the Reuters Investment Summit this week said.


Will consumer caution curb recovery?

NEW YORK As the United States climbs out of recession, questions linger over whether the worst downturn in more than 70 years has left a permanent scar on the American psyche that will sharply constrain a recovery.


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