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Investment Outlook 2012

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Early dividends could help holiday sales, some say

NEW YORK NEW YORK, Nov 28 They might not arrive in pretty wrapping paper with a bow, but dividends paid out early to avoid a potential tax increase next year could provide an unexpected boost to holiday sales.


Banking union critical to European recovery, investors say

LONDON Investors burned by tumbling share prices and emergency cash calls say they could be forced to quit European banks for good unless policymakers forge ahead with a banking union in 2013.


Chasing yield, investors favor credit again in 2013

NEW YORK The desperate hunt for yield will continue in 2013, with investor money continuing to flow into high yield "junk" bonds, corporate debt and mortgage securities as it has this year, albeit with lowered expectations on returns.


No beef with Obama for hedge funds: Avenue's Lasry

NEW YORK There may not be a lot of hedge fund managers attending President Barack Obama's second Inauguration in January, but count on Avenue Capital Group's Marc Lasry to be there.

Big "known unknowns" seem less menacing in 2013

LONDON The big "known unknowns", to borrow from former U.S. defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, are now so familiar to most global investors that they have to think long and hard about risks looming in 2013.

Memorable Quotes from 2013 Investment Summit

NEW YORK Investors, policy makers, and analysts spoke at the Reuters Global Investment Outlook 2013 Summit in New York, London, and Hong Kong. Below are some memorable quotes from New York discussions:


BlackRock bullish on India, pins hopes on reforms

HONG KONG BlackRock is aiming to go overweight on India, its top fund manager in Asia said on a day the country's economic growth headed for a decade low. | Video


Invest in food on climate change risk: Baring

LONDON Farmland in Brazil, soybeans and agricultural equipment makers are among ways to play the global risks of climate change and population growth, Baring Asset Management's chief investment officer said on Thursday.


Highlights Day 4: Libor's lifespan, loving "junk"

NEW YORK Max Stone, managing director at hedge fund D.E. Shaw and Co, commenting on the Libor-rigging scandal, said the benchmark interest rate is "not inherently broken" and can be reformed, while independent hedge fund analyst Daniel Yu said he is shorting software giant Microsoft Corp .


DE Shaw shuns high-speed trading label, bets on Japan

NEW YORK DE Shaw & Co, a once publicity-shy hedge fund known for quantitative modeling and immense computing power to drive strategies, does not see itself as a "high-frequency" trading firm.

U.S. housing gains momentum but recovery fragile

NEW YORK The signs of life in the U.S. housing market may be encouraging, but not all money managers are convinced that rising home sales and values can provide serious momentum to the U.S. economy in 2013.


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