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Better luck next year? Maybe not, say U.S. builders

NEW YORK For anyone waiting for a rebound in the slumping U.S. housing market, the industry's top executives have a piece of advice: Don't hold your breath.


Real estate execs see merger impediments for now

NEW YORK Uncertain demand and lender wariness may hamper real estate dealmaking despite consolidation potential in several corners of the market.


Morley eyes UK property market slowdown

LONDON Investors have already seen the best of the capital returns from the UK property market and it is hard not to see the market slipping back, one of Europe's biggest property fund management firms said on Wednesday.

UK's young REITs may face extended bear market

LONDON Britain's property stocks may face an extended bear market as the returns slow on bricks and mortar, leaving market bulls with nothing to lean on but hopes for property company takeovers.

Commercial real estate investors tap on brakes

NEW YORK Spooked by higher interest rates and troubles in the subprime residential mortgage market, commercial real estate investors and lenders are rethinking some deals that would have sailed through just six months ago.


Activist group to seek tougher subprime rules

NEW YORK Community activist group ACORN plans to lobby U.S. states to tighten their rules on subprime lending in the wake of a crisis that saw a sharp rise in foreclosures on the home loans.


No vertigo for hungry Asia property investors

SINGAPORE It's a decade since an asset bubble fed the Asian economic crisis and fears swirl over the U.S. housing market and interest rates, but investors still believe the only way for Asia's soaring property markets is up -- at least for a couple of years.

Subprime woes led to 50 lender failures: MBA

WASHINGTON Nearly 50 mortgage lenders have folded due to the subprime crisis as part of a natural thinning of the industry, the leading trade association for those lenders said on Wednesday.

Toll Brothers eyes China home market

NEW YORK Luxury U.S. home builder Toll Brothers Inc is looking for a partner in China to help it jump into the housing business in the world's fastest-growing economy.


Japan property outlook rosy; deals more complex

SINGAPORE Mikihisa Hirai, president of Atlas Partners Japan Ltd., should be giddy with excitement as European and Middle Eastern clients are due to almost double the size of his property funds to just over $800 million.


China property bond offers to resume after pause

HONG KONG The flow of Chinese property companies tapping the offshore bond market has ebbed this year, but market watchers say it is only a hiatus and fund raising will continue on the back of solid housing demand in China.


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