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Market is helping General Motors - Edmunds Caldwell

Thursday, July 23, 2015 - 02:51's Jessica Caldwell discusses General Motors strategy following their strong earnings results. Bobbi Rebell reports.

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It is think it AG BA General Motors shareholder the stock at an ice pick actor its profit more than double last quarter. Hear more on what's working for General Motors is Edmunds dot com's Jessica Alba great to have you. Thanks for having me just tell us what is General Motors doing right. Well the market right now is certainly helping General Motors the pact that consumers out there want suvs and trucks. Definitely puts GM and it could play if they have a strong SUV lineup and truck line up and those are profitable vehicles so it's no surprise that earnings results. Came out positive for General Motors today. So they have the right products and they compared to their peers. I relative basis. Owning at the very competitive market out there I think when you look at other brands Toyota Ford. But right now the cells are so high in so many people buying cars there's so many more opportunities selling cars and we haven't seen a filtering at this time over a decade. So we're looking out a big market which is certainly helping auto makers and General Motors. Still is General Motors specifically doing things that are helping to. Felt so many cars or is it just that a rising tide that's about. Well I mean I think that the tide of the tide shifted to trucks and suvs definitely helps GM I mean it definitely have a reputation. Of leadership in that field for a long time I mean that they are have definitely improved their products. They're trying to mount products faster. We know they have the luxury line with Cadillac they have the truck line with GMC. So they're in the right places as well I'm I think you know there so they're they're definitely doing better. And again helped by its strong market. Is there any concern among consumers about the recent recalls because I'm surprised there hasn't been more action. Yeah I mean that is an interesting I mean even when we are going through those recalls out last year it definitely seemed like it wasn't acting cells as strongly as one in England and watched. You know the news. But I think a lot of it is that they are so many recalls out there the fact that there's constantly recall news kind of makes it. Kind of fade into the background that people aren't necessarily you know as concerned or even tuned in to to all the recall talk out there. And now as we talked about they're selling a lot of trees rocks. What does the future look like in terms of their strategy are we gonna see warm more. Trucks and suvs or in a state with a more broad base strategy I think all automakers are sticking with a broad based strategy because. Things can change and get gas prices were to spike there would be a much bigger and with us on smaller cars more fuel efficient vehicles. On that right now we know that trucks are popular I think a more diverse as TV lineup and people are really clamoring for smaller suvs suvs it could. Get good fuel efficiency but also. Offer a lot of the cargo capacity elderly popular so we could see some more and business. In those type of products in the future. Partly that thank you so much Jessica thank you. Our thanks to Edmunds dot com's Jessica Caldwell and not to repel this is writers.

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Market is helping General Motors - Edmunds Caldwell

Thursday, July 23, 2015 - 02:51