Factbox: Major landslides in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 16 (Reuters) - A landslide killed at least 18 people, among them children, as they slept in their tents at a campsite in Malaysia on Friday, officials said, as search teams scoured thick mud and downed trees for around 15 people still missing.

The following is a list of other major landslides in Malaysia:

* 11 December, 1993 – In one of the worst disasters in Malaysia's history, 48 people were killed when the Highland Towers apartment block collapsed in a major landslide in Selangor state, on the outskirts of the capital Kuala Lumpur.

* 30 June, 1995 – Twenty people were killed in a landslide at slip road near a highway that sent several vehicles into a ravine, close to Genting Highlands, a popular hilltop resort area.

* 29 August, 1996 – A mudflow triggered after torrential rain inundated a village inhabited by the Orang Asli, Malaysia's indigenous people, in western Perak state, killing 44 people.

*21 May, 2011 – At least 12 children and caretakers at an orphanage were killed in a landslide caused by heavy rains in Hulu Langat district in Selangor state.

* 5 June, 2015 – A 6.0-magnitude earthquake triggered major landslides killing 18 people on Mount Kinabalu, one of the highest peaks in Southeast Asia, on the Malaysian side of Borneo island.

* 10 March, 2022 – Four died after a landslide ripped through a housing area in Ampang district in Selangor state.

Reporting by Gerry Doyle; Writing by Rozanna Latiff; Editing by Kanupriya Kapoor

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