Teenage girl dies after attack near school in Germany - SWR

BERLIN, Dec 5 (Reuters) - A 14-year-old girl has died after she and another teenage girl were attacked by an unidentified man on their way to school in southwestern Germany on Monday, local broadcaster SWR reported, citing police.

A police spokesperson had earlier confirmed a media report that two girls had been injured in an attack in Illerkirchberg, a town of around 5,000 people west of Munich.

German daily Bild had reported that the attacker had wielded a knife.

After arriving at the scene and tending to the two severely injured girls, police found that a suspect had fled into a neighbouring building, Wolfgang Juergens, spokesperson for police in the German city of Ulm, told SWR earlier on Monday.

SWR later reported that the police had taken the suspect as well as two residents of the building into custody.

Police did not provide details on the suspect and the other two people who had been taken into custody nor on the attacker's possible motive.

Reporting by Hans Seidenstuecker; Writing by Maria Sheahan; Editing by Miranda Murray

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