COVID-hit Queen Elizabeth postpones more planned audiences- Buckingham Palace

LONDON, Feb 24 (Reuters) - Queen Elizabeth has postponed two scheduled virtual audiences on Thursday but will continue with light duties, a Buckingham Palace spokesman said as the 95-year-old British monarch recovers from COVID-19.

The queen, who has been fully vaccinated against coronavirus, tested positive for the disease on Sunday when she was said to be suffering from mild cold-like symptoms.

While she has cancelled virtual engagements since then, she has continued to perform other official duties, such as speaking to Prime Minister Boris Johnson by phone on Wednesday, suggesting the world's current oldest and longest-reigning monarch was not seriously unwell. read more

Buckingham Palace has said it would not give a running commentary on the condition of Elizabeth, who celebrated her 70th anniversary of becoming queen this month.

"Her Majesty is continuing with light duties," a palace spokesman said, adding there were no other engagements planned this week.

Reporting by Michael Holden; editing by William James

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