UK records 26,068 new COVID cases, highest since Jan. 29

LONDON, June 30 (Reuters) - The United Kingdom recorded a further 26,068 cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, the highest daily figure since January 29 and sending the seven day-tally up 70% on the week before, official data showed.

Despite the surge in new infections, Britain's daily fatality figures have remained in low double digits. Fourteen deaths were reported on Wednesday, down from 23 the day before.

That compares with the more than 1,000 fatalities that were repeatedly reported per day at the height of Britain's worst wave in the pandemic, in January this year.

Scientists have said the trend suggests the rapid vaccine rollout has weakened the link between infections and deaths. The seven-day tally for people being admitted to hospital was up 6%, to a daily figure of 263.

The data showed that 84.9% of adults have had a first vaccine while 62.4% have had both.

Reporting by Kate Holton. Editing by Andrew MacAskill

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